Preparing For An Interview In Another City

Preparing For An Interview In Another City

Did you ever consider the difference in planning a family vacation compared to preparing for a job interview in another city?  Most people in a job search understand they should research the prospective employer, where they are interviewing, and regional competition. I suggest candidates research areas of interest in the community and identify what they can of significance that is congruent with a candidate’s personal and family interests.  This often may lead itself to a point of commonality with one or more members on the employer’s interview team and help with advancement in the interview selection process.

With access to a wide range of both professional and personal social media platforms, candidates often can conduct research on individuals who may be in the community where interviewing.  Places to explore for points of commonality are colleges, professional associations, or other affinity groups where there might be connections with key leaders and decision-makers in the organization where you are interviewing.   Although name dropping may create a roadblock to an individual’s candidacy, if there are opportunities in the interview process where a commonality is noted, it may lessen the pressure of the interview and provide a sense of fit with the selection team thus allowing one to feel less stressful and present a better impression.

There is also value in considering the location where you are interviewing and its attractiveness to offer quality-of-life improvement for one’s spouse and/or family.  This prepares you for an easy response to the question, “What is your level of interest in the position and community?”  Early in the search process I explore with candidates what their families think of a potential relocation.  When the client identifies their candidate of choice and prepares to present an offer, neither the client nor I expect anything but a positive response from the candidate; “Yes, I am delighted to accept the offer.”

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