Bridging Artificial Intelligence And Emotional Intelligence

Bridging Artificial Intelligence And Emotional Intelligence

In the age of heightened competition for top talent, I often think to myself, is it wise to rely on analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) and not relationships and communications built on emotional intelligence?  In reading current literature in the staffing industry and speaking with talent acquisition leaders, we are well-aware of the importance of metrics and other advances in technology and automation.

In the July/August 2018 Staffing Industry Review, a study by the Deloitte Human Capital Trends reported 38% of companies are currently using AI for recruitment, and by the end of the year 62% expect to do so.  Yet, the publication acknowledges living humans will be needed to handle the exceptions.

Technology advances, like chat bots or bots (AI powered recruiting assistants) is not an exact science to easily replace the inside game from human interaction in relationships, the article confesses.  It is reported some staffing groups are using AI successfully to measure candidate engagement and interest level in the selection process (see my recent Blog on preparing for interviews).

As an expert executive search consultant with many successful engagements, I have learned to read candidates’ interest level in the search opportunity by the way they engage with the consultant throughout the search process.  The article reports, “Down the road, staffing firms may venture into more sophisticated software that predicts on-the-job performance by evaluating a prospect’s emotions and facial expressions during video interviews along with performance data, references, and social media posts”.

From over thirty years personal experience, I can attest that video interviews can be an important tool in the selection process.  Although we are working with clients to measure the effectiveness of Videoview®  to fit with the organization’s culture and leadership team plus successful performance outcomes, we have consistent client reports of how costs associated with a key leadership search, including time of the interview team and travel costs for candidate interviews, is measurable.  This helps sustain value-added service to our customers contributing to repeat business and our firm’s success.

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