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Videoview, an innovative and distinguishing quality for the Nutter Group since 1989 and refined with advances in technology, is an edited portion of our candidate interview and presented to the client via a personal meeting or secure web-link. A resume and other supporting documentation for all "short list" candidates are also presented for evaluation by the client search team before onsite interviews are arranged. Videoview allows you to:

  • Move quickly to advance top candidates in selecting your organization
  • Control costs associated with candidate travel for onsite interviews
  • Improve coordination of key leadership calendars involved on the search team
  • Reduced costs for concurrent or multiple searches

Videoview is a videotaped portion of the candidate interview conducted by the Nutter Group professional. Videoviews are edited and shared with our clients. Clients use the Videoviews with other assessment information from the consultant to evaluate the candidate’s appropriateness for the assignment. The Videoview supplements the consultation, evaluation and review of each final candidate, the candidate’s professional references and resume.

The search professional screens candidates to determine those worthy of a personal interview. The first portion of the interview is designed to screen the candidate in relationship to the particular client’s needs. Questions are asked which assess the candidate’s fit to the client’s specifications. The last portion of the interview is videotaped. The videotaped portion of the interview becomes the Videoview.

After candidates are screened and assessed, a short list of the best candidates are identified and presented to the client. Videoviews of the final candidates are edited to reflect appropriate information relative to the client’s assignment.

The Videoview becomes a tool with which the client assesses final candidates.

Client CEO’s have been satisfied with Videoview and determined it to be an important contribution to the search process and respond:

Videoview helps considerably in preparing for a first meeting with a candidate.

It gave me an opportunity to evaluate the body language and ability of the candidates to respond to questions. Besides evaluating the candidate’s appearance, I had the ability to determine how the candidate would interact and fit with our team. It saves a lot of time.

Videoview is fantastic. It allowed us to establish a high level of comfort before actually meeting the candidate. It can become a standard approach to help keep expenses down.